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About our Pigs

Happy Pigs

Pigs being allowed to be pigs, is what our hog portion of Sugar Ridge Ranch is about. Our pigs are not confined, we do not use farrowing or gestation crates and we do not ring noses. Our pigs are free to go in and out of their barn and root and wallow and enjoy the freedom of sunshine and fresh air. They are free to roam the pasture and socialize with each other. We do not feed antibiotics or use growth hormones of any kind. Our pigs are fed locally grown grains and supplemented with alfalfa hay year round. Fruits and vegetables are fed when in season. We feel strongly animals should be treated with respect and good care, and our pigs are no different. 

Our herd of pigs began with the purchase of 6 excellent Berkshire cross bred show quality gilts. Our sow herd has some influence of some maternal bred pigs to maximize mothering and milking qualities, with the Berkshire influence to maintain the high quality meat and hardiness Berks are known for. Our sows farrow in individual roomy 10x12 stalls in the winter/early spring months and outdoors in huts during the summer and fall. Good rates of gain, ease of farrowing, hardiness and good personalities have been the goal of our program, in addition to that show ring appeal.

Our herd sire is high quality show stock Registered Berkshire boar. Most of our piglets will be approx. 75% purebred Berkshire, with the exception of sows bred for the show season where we use AI from time to time.

We farrow twice a year and have piglets for sale at various times. If you are interested in a show quality gilt or boar or a butcher pig to grow out yourself, please feel free to contact us. 608-637-6474 We welcome your inquiries!

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