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Honey Hive Gallery

All of our beehives are located here on our farm in South West Wisconsin. The honey is hand extracted by us, using utmost care to ensure you receive the best possible product. Our honey is raw and lightly strained. It will contain bits of pollen that add to the natural goodness and flavor of the honey.

Honey is considered one of the oldest foods. It has even been found in tombs dating back over 1,000 years! In some points in history, it was even used as currency.

A typical beehive will contain over 60,000 bees. These bees will fly over 55,000 miles collectively and visit over 2 million flowers to make 1 pound of honey. The average worker bee will make about 1/12 of a teaspoon of honey in her lifetime.

There are over 300 different types of honey recognized in the United States. The flavor and color of the raw honey is the result of what types of blossoms the bees have been visiting. Typically, the lighter colored honeys have a milder flavor. The dark colored honeys often have a more robust taste.

Raw Honey is very easy to store. No refrigeration is required. Although honey never really "spoils," we recommend using your honey within 6 months to ensure the best possible flavor.  

It is very normal for raw honey to be slightly cloudy. This is mostly due to the small pollen particles that are suspended in the honey. There are many reported health benefits of consuming honey and especially honey which contains pollen. Our raw honey is lightly strained, unfiltered & unheated. Should yourraw honey crystallize, a natural process, you can reliquify it by placing the jar in a hot water bath. Do not microwave the honey--it will burn and carmalize. As with any honey, it is not recommeded to be fed to infants or children under one year of age.

Raw Honey and white sugar essentially have the same nutritional value, although honey is slightly higher in calories. Honey is considered sweeter than sugar, so you will need less honey to produce the same sweetness as white

All of our beehive products are made with either pure beeswax, Raw Honey or both. Honey is know for it's skin softening properties and beeswax for skin protection. Lovely body butters, lip balm & hand crafted soaps are a treat to the skin. The natural aroma of the ingredients are soothing & sweet.

Our hand dipped taper candles are made with 100% pure beeswax. They are long lasting and burn clean. The natural beeswax scent is reminiscent of the inside of the hive; sweet and crisp.

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