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Lamb Cuts

    How do I make my cut list?

    We will call you to arrange how you want your custom order lamb prepared based on the cuts list below:

    You will choose ONE cut from each section of the lamb. This information will be located on the order form. If you are unsure of how you would like your cuts made, we can help you decide what would be a good variety for you and your family.

    LEG: American leg OR Whole leg OR Ham Steaks (leg is sliced)
    (by getting the leg cut in the American fashion you'll end up with the leg & shanks separate; if you choose the whole leg, you'll have the leg with shanks left on)
     Stew meat OR ground meat
     Loin chops OR loin roast
     Rack Roast OR French Rack Roast OR Rib chops OR French Rib Chops (See below for an explanation of rack/rib choices)
     Shoulder roast OR stew meat OR ground meat OR Shoulder chops
     Stew meat OR ground meat
     Neck roast OR ground meat
    Shanks-depending on how you wanted the leg cut, you will get either (2) or (4) shanks OR ground meat 
    Lamb/Rack Rib Explained 

    Lamb Ribs = Lamb Rack   
    A full rack contains eight ribs, which are usually cut into small and tender rib chops.   Left in one piece, the rack makes a delicious roast, or you can tie two or three racks together to form an elegant crown roast.

    Rack of lamb = Lamb Rib Roast = Lamb Rack Roast  

    This elegant roast includes eight ribs, and it's big enough to serve three.  If the meat at the tips is cut away to expose the bones, it's called a French rack = Frenched rack
    We make sure to request that the butcher cracks the chine (backbone) between the ribs, so that the roast is easy to carve when you take it out of 
    the oven.  You can make a double French rack by leaning two French racks against each other, bone tips interlaced.  You can also tie two or three French racks together, bone tips up, to form a crown roast of lamb for an elegant meal. 

    Lamb Rib Chop

     These exquisite chops are cut from a rack of lamb.  
    They usually contain one rib per 
    chop, but you'll get a thicker and juicier steak with double cut lamb rib chop, which includes two ribs.   

    If the meat at the tip is cut away to expose the bone, it's called a French lamb chop = Frenched lamb chop (shown in the picture).

      We can provide recipes for specific cuts to give you a jumping off point if you're new to cooking with lamb. Just let us know if there are certain cuts you know you'll need recipes for. We are happy to help!
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