Sugar Ridge Ranch
Jon, Charlotte & Vivian Stephenson

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Lamb Order Form

Sugar Ridge Ranch

Jon or Charlotte Stephenson 
E8977 Pierce Hill Road
Viroqua, WI 54665  

                     Custom Order Lamb Form-----------Please select your cuts

You will choose ONE cut from each section of the lamb. If you are unsure of how you would like your cuts made, we can help you decide what would be a good variety for you and your family.

LEG: American leg OR Whole leg OR Ham Steaks (leg is sliced)
(by getting the leg cut in the American fashion you'll end up with the leg & shanks separate; if you choose the whole leg, you'll have the leg with shanks left on)
 Stew meat OR ground meat
 Loin chops OR loin roast
 Rack Roast OR French Rack Roast OR Rib chops OR French Rib Chops
 Shoulder roast OR stew meat OR ground meat OR Shoulder chops
 Stew meat OR ground meat
 Neck roast OR ground meat
 Shanks-depending on how you wanted the leg cut, you will get either (2) or (4) shanks OR ground meat 




Please enclose your non-refundable deposit of $100

payable to Jon or Charlotte Stephenson


Upon receiving your check, we will send you a written receipt.


Thank you!

***If you prefer to reserve you lamb using PayPal, please follow the link below to be redirected to our secure store front page.
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