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Pork Cuts

pork cuts

2016 Butcher Pig Price

Please call for an estimate on when our next hogs will be ready for processing


 $4.00/lb for a whole pig 
$4.50/lb for a half  

Price is for Hanging Weight & Includes basic processing.
Whole pig weights range from 200-300 lbs hanging (dressed) weight.

This price includes transportation of the animal to Foss' Fine Meats and general processing - Cuts will be labeled and packaged according to your specifications. Additional charges may apply for sausages, smoking or curing. After your hog is processed,it will be ready for pick up at Foss' in approx. 2 weeks. Additional time may be required for certain sausages or smoking. 

Ordering is easy!

--We require a $100 deposit for your half pig or a $150 deposit for your whole pig. Each pig is a custom order, first come, first serve basis.  After you reserve your pig, we will call you to discuss how you would like your cuts made and give you an approximate date as to when your pig will be ready.  We will take your pig in for processing and after we receive the hanging weight from the butcher we will notify you of the remaining balance due.  Upon payment, all you have to do is pick up your meat from the butcher.  It's that easy! No extra fees, or making a separate payment to the butcher. 

--We now have a tab on our Store Front that allows you to make a deposit using PayPal.  We also accept cash or good checks.  Final payment can be made with cash or good check or we can send you a PayPal invoice if you prefer.

To Order --  Click below to be directed to our secure store                    front to reserve your pig and pay with PayPal--

OR--- you can print out an Order Form from the tab to the left and mail your deposit with a check. 

  • If you ordered a whole pig, you may choose up to 2 items in each group.
  • If you ordered half a pig, you may choose 1 item in each group.

HAMS:  (Approx 20% Of Hanging Weight)

CHOOSE:    Fresh Bone-in Ham   OR    Fresh Boneless Ham   OR    Fresh Ham Steaks   OR
OR    Smoked Bone-in Ham  OR    Smoked Boneless Ham

LOIN:  (Approx 25% Of Hanging Weight)

CHOOSE:       OR    
OR       OR    

RIBS:  (Approx 5% Of Hanging Weight)

CHOOSE:       OR         
CHOOSE:       OR         
NOTE: Baby back ribs are only available if Boneless Loin Chops are selected.

BELLY:  (Approx 10% Of Hanging Weight)

CHOOSE:       OR       OR       OR    
OR       OR    

SHOULDER:  (Approx 20% Of Hanging Weight)

CHOOSE:       OR       OR    
OR       OR    

MISCELLANEOUS CUTS:  (Including Fat, Approx 10% Of Hanging Weight)

CHOOSE:       OR       OR        
CHOOSE:       OR         

TRIM  (Trim Is Approx 10% Of Hanging Weight)

By default all trim will be made into Ground Pork in 1 lb packages. 

If you would like sausages or brats made. please let us know & we will check with the butcher as to the current list of options. Additional fees may apply for sausages.

**If you wish to have the snout, tails, jowls, feet, organ meats, neck bones or fat, please let us know and we will arrange for the butcher to keep these items. There is no additional charges for these.

As you can see, there are a lot of options for a hog. If you are unsure of what to select, we will gladly assist you in helping you determine which cuts would work best for you & your family. The butcher does charge an additional fee for sausages and curing/smoking meats. Please be aware that additional fees may apply.

Typical Whole Hog Pork Cuts

  • 2 lb. tenderloin
  • 24-30 lbs. of pork chops
  • 2-4 packages of spare ribs or 8 lbs. total
  • 6 shoulder roasts or steaks (24 lbs. total)
  • 4 hocks/shank
  • 12-20 lbs. ground pork and/or sausage
  • 2 ham (20-30 lbs. total)
  • 16-20 lbs. bacon
  • Additional pckgs. include feet, neckbones, jowl, and liver
How much Freezer Space will I need?

We typically say to plan on about 4-5 cubic feet of freezer space for a whole hog.

How much will a whole pig cost?

Let's assume your pig weights 200 pounds hanging weight.
200 x $4.00/lb = $800 for a whole hog
or 100 x $4.50 = $450 for a half a hog

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