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Jon, Charlotte & Vivian Stephenson

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Pork Order Form

Sugar Ridge Ranch

Jon or Charlotte Stephenson 
E8977 Pierce Hill Road 
Viroqua, WI 54665  

Custom Order Pork Form

Whole Pig________ or Half Pig_________

  • If you ordered a whole pig, you may choose up to 2 items in each group.
  • If you ordered half a pig, you may choose 1 item in each group.

HAMS:  (Approx 20% Of Hanging Weight)

CHOOSE:    Fresh Bone-in Ham   OR    Fresh Boneless Ham   OR    Fresh Ham Steaks   OR
OR    Smoked Bone-in Ham  OR    Smoked Boneless Ham

LOIN:  (Approx 25% Of Hanging Weight)

CHOOSE:       OR    
OR       OR    

RIBS:  (Approx 5% Of Hanging Weight)

CHOOSE:       OR         
CHOOSE:       OR         
NOTE: Baby back ribs are only available if Boneless Loin Chops are selected.

BELLY:  (Approx 10% Of Hanging Weight)

CHOOSE:       OR       OR       OR    
OR       OR    

SHOULDER:  (Approx 20% Of Hanging Weight)

CHOOSE:       OR       OR    
OR       OR    

MISCELLANEOUS CUTS:  (Including Fat, Approx 10% Of Hanging Weight)

CHOOSE:       OR       OR        
CHOOSE:       OR         

TRIM  (Trim Is Approx 10% Of Hanging Weight)

By default all trim will be made into Ground Pork in 1 lb packages. 

If you would like sausages or brats made, please let us know & we will check with the butcher as to the current list of options. Additional fees may apply for sausages.

**If you wish to have the snout, tails, jowls, feet, organ meats, neck bones or fat, please let us know and we will arrange for the butcher to keep these items. There is no additional charges for these.




Special Instructions___________________________________________________________

Please Make your non-refundable deposit of $150 for a whole pig or $100 for a half pig payable to Jon or Charlotte Stephenson. Upon receiving your check, we will send you a written receipt.

Thank You!

**If you would prefer to reserve your pig with PayPal, please follow the link below to be directed to our secure store front.
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