Registered Shropshire Stud Rams

Sugar Ridge King Tut RRNN


King Tut added tremendous bone and mass to our lambs when we used him as a lamb to breed a small group of ewes. He really grew into himself as a yearling, (pictured above). King Tut sired several of our 2019 lambs. 

Sugar Ridge Poker Joe RRNN


Poker Joe, what a stud! The power and twist that this ram throws into his lambs is amazing. We retained several of his daughters and used him again heavily in our 2018 Shropshire line up. 

Sugar Ridge Huckleberry RRNN


Huckleberry made his debut in our 2018 Shropshire show string and did not disappoint. We love his clean front, nice long neck and super top line. He was bred to a select group for 2019 lambs.

Sugar Ridge Heat Wave RRNN


Heat Wave really turned it up for us! He added the hip we needed to add to some of our older ewes, without losing the "pretty" or sacrificing too much size. Heat Wave is still in service here and was used for a good percentage of our Shropshire flock's breeding in 2018.

Reference Sire - Sugar Ridge Super Mario RRNN


Mario Time! Mario truly left his mark on our flock, hands down, unmatched. Bone, twist, wool and top! This good old guy is now retired. He will live out the last of his days enjoying the good life here. The majority of our current ewe base is sired or grand sired by this great buck. He still settled a handful of ewes in 2017 for us. Those daughters remain in our Shropshire flock.

Reference Sire - Avery's Octane RRNN


A huge Thank You to Dennis Avery for making WI State Fair Grand Champion Ram "Avery's Octane" available to us. Octane brought beautiful breed type and power to our ewe base.  His genetics carry on in our Shropshire flock.

Additional Service Sires for 2019 shropshire lambs

Rife's Bone Chiller RRNN

Ohio State Fair Grand Champion Shropshire Ram 2017.

Rife's Loch Ness RRNN

One of Rife's top Shropshire studs with genetics that go directly back to Avery's Juice. 

Rife's Thunder Mountain RRNN

Sired by Rife's Madness and dammed by the twin sister to the 2014 Ohio State Fair Grand Champion Shropshire Ewe.  

natural colored wether sire

"Bullet" purchased from Stonestreet Club Lambs


Who doesn't love a little color? We purchased this great natty buck from Darrell Stonestreet in Maryland. We have a handful of nice natural colored crossbred ewe lambs and wethers available each year! If you are looking for a competitive natural, contact us!